DIY Envelope Liners

I talk a lot about envelope liners because I love them! They are the perfect little addition to any party or event invitation; A touch of personalization, color, and style.

Individually liners are a quick process, but a little time consuming if you're doing 100+ for wedding invitations, for instance. I absolutely believe they are well worth the effort! The results will will surprise your guests and complete the look you're going for! Liners are the icing on the cake.

Double sided tape*
Scissors or an Xacto knife
Your envelopes!
An envelope liner template (or make your own!)

*Tip: I always recommend double sided tape over a glue stick or liquid glue. Both of those glues dry rigid - that means that if you were to bend the paper (i.e. run it through a mail machine at the post office), the glue will break and detach from the paper. That's why kindergarten school projects come apart and you can see those glue lines there on the paper. Double sided tape is flexible, so it's much more long lasting and won't break when the paper is bent!

Step 1:

Trace and cut out your liner template out of the paper of your choice! Make sure if you're using someone's templates, that you're using the envelopes to match. Tip: use the corner of your liner paper for two straight sides / a corner already cut for you!

Step 2:

Slide the liner into the envelope and make sure the top is aligned. [You'll notice in the photo above, I didn't print the liner all the way to the bottom of the page... you won't be able to see that bottom bit once it's in the envelope, so if you're printing your own, it's a good way to save on a little ink. I always prefer to have my liners the full length because it makes aligning the liner with the envelope and taping it in much easier than if the liner was cut short.]

Step 3:

Fold the liner and envelope shut to crease the liner into place. Then pull back the envelope leaving the liner folded down (like in the picture below).

Step 4:

Apply double sided tape to the outer edge of the liner. The part of the liner that is tucked into the envelope doesn't need any tape. The top part will have enough tape on it to hold it in place. Tip: the envelope liner is sort of like a shirt that has been tucked into a pair of pants... every time you open and close the envelope, it's like raising your arms with your shirt tucked in; the shirt moves up and down, and so does the liner. Don't tape the liner down under the fold line or it won't open up all the way (as the tucked in shirt would restrict your arms from going all the way up! How embarrassing!!).

The tape only needs to run along the outside edge to be secured. Just make sure you get the whole edge all taped up!

Step 5:

Fold the envelope down (closed) onto the taped liner. Tip: don't lift the liner up to the envelope because it won't shut properly; there will be this weird bump and won't seal shut right.

Rub it with love! Make sure all that tape is nice and stuck to the envelope.

Voila! That's it! You did it!

This specific envelope liner was made for the bride and groom's harvest moon wedding theme. It was hand watercolored to match the couple's beautiful photo from their elopement. Liners are such a great place to add personalization to your invitations - add that pop of color or pattern, or how about a custom photo or monogram!

I'd love to hear what you use envelope liners for and how you customized them to your needs! Share a photo or tell me about it in the comment section!