Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

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These charming handmade macrame plant hangers are made with strong cotton cord and traditional macrame knot patters. They will brighten any corner of the room and provide a safe home for you plant babies!

PICK YOUR DESIGN: shown in the order of the photos

1) Double-Decker: measures 43" and features openings that will fit pots up to 4" (top) and 6" (bottom) in diameter.

2) Keepsake: measures 36" and will hold a pot up to 9" in diameter

3) SOLD Beaded Double-Decker: measures 43" long and will hold pots up to 5" (top) and 7" (bottom) in diameter

4) Knotty Keepsake: measures 39" and can hold a pot up to 12" in diameter

These macrame designs are done by hand and have imperfects and slight variances. Made with love from one plant mom to another.



If you'd like the pot(s) included as shown in the images, add the "add pot" item to your cart and select the number of pots shown (i.e. the double decker would have 2) in addition to the hanger of your choice! Each pot has minor imperfections and are one-of-a-kind, reclaimed (rescued?), and repurposed.


All length dimensions are from the top of the hook to the bottom of the tassel with pot(s) in place and each planter has a metal loop for the top for reinforced strength when hanging.

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