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Ideal Launch Date
Tell me a little about what you do, what your business specialty is, products you make, style, etc. Are you a long-standing business or just getting started? An expert in your field or adventuring into a new one?
Describe your ideal client: Local or worldwide? High end or on a budget? Consumers or other businesses? Stylish or practical?
When your ideal client / customer arrives at your website, what is the main goal? Purchase? Contact you? Book an appointment? Sign up for a newsletter?
How are you using it? How are your clients / customers using it? Are you connecting with your ideal base?
Is there a person / business that you compete with?
Is there a person / business design that inspires what you do or what you're striving to do?
Do you do everything by hand? Do you have a unique viewpoint or aesthetic?
If sort of... tell me about it or about what you 're looking for
This would include all of the copy (bios, headlines, products, about pages, etc.), images, and a logo or other branding
Are there any other details or information I should? Do you need any other services, like branding?